Automate your
Influencer Marketing
that drives better ROI.

Cre8r is a data-driven micro-influencer platform that assists brands and media platforms in discovering hundreds of micro-influencers to run impactful ROI driven influencer marketing programs. Our influencer marketplace provides impetus to brands & media platforms in achieving some of the following marketing goals;
  • | Brand Awareness and Recall
  • | Affinity led Sales Conversation
  • | Engaging HQ Content
  • | Instagram Channel Growth
Automate your influencer marketing
 Unleash High Quality Micro-influencers

Unleash High Quality

The year 2021 is the banner year for budding creators who conceptualize and create great quality content. These smaller creators are key opinion leaders (KOL’s) and share a great trust within their followers, and the same can be leveraged by consumer brands in creating product awareness, engagement & trials. Marketers can partner with these micro-influencers to promote their products and services, thus making them a potential medium of communication for companies in promoting their new products and services.
  • | Better ROI
  • | Highly targeted Audiences
  • | Community Oriented
  • | Unplugged Feed
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Configurable Campaign Workflows

Our customized workflows help you handle multiple projects more effectively, allowing you to execute impactful campaigns with the utmost ease. With our pre-built workflows and communication tools, you can activate and scale any influencer campaign within minutes.
  • | Influencer discovery, selection, and activation
  • | Content briefing, upload, approval and scheduling
  • | Logistics & e-voucher flows for barter collaborations
  • | Interactive dashboard interface for tracking
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                                            Campaign Workflows
 Barter Activations
                                            at Scale

Barter Collaborations
at Scale

Cre8r provides an infrastructure to support Influencer Barter partnerships. Be it discovery, logistics, gift-vouchers or tracking real-time status, we have got you covered.
  • | Influencer Discovery, Selection, and Activation
  • | Logistics & e-voucher support Infrastructure
  • | Pre-negotiated Pricing Module
  • | Secure Payment Integration for Promoted Posts
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Unrivalled Al-Powered Influencer Discovery

Our discovery engine carefully analyzes the onboarded influencer’s personality archetypes and their community of followers. This collected information is combined with the campaign objectives to create a curated list of creators that align with the campaign's goals. The tool & data filters help you find relevant micro-influencers who are an ideal match to your campaign goals and test, optimize, & scale your influencer programs.
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 Unrivalled Al-Powered
                                            Influencer Discovery
  Powerful Performance

Powerful Performance

We go beyond vanity metrics as we understand what attribution really means to marketers. In an easy-to-understand User Interface), our dashboard displays what you need to know about campaign results and their attribution.
  • | Al-powered Data Analysis to measure ROI
  • | Custom reports for KPI tracking
  • | Custom dashboard & reporting
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